Things you should definitely invest in for home and travelling workouts

As somebody who’s life pretty much revolves around being fit and active whether its on my snowboard or in the gym. Over the years I have come across a few things that have seriously benefited me for the long run when it comes to working out and staying active. Particularly when im travelling around the world and i dont have acces to a gym.

Fabric resistance band

Resistance bands, in general, are the best thing every for anyone who likes to add some weight in their workouts. I’m sure everyone who has had one before knows how painful, both physically and mentally, those plastic rubber band like resistance bands are. Every workout you do all you can think about is how frustrating they are and how much they are digging into your leg and rolling all over the place rather thank actually focusing on the movements. These bands are a lifesaver! They are big, thick and made of a material that is not only super strong to make you work your booty off, they don’t roll or slip which gives you one less thing to worry about. They are also super lightweigtht so you can chuck them in your bag and take them with you wherever you go!

I have 3, my long ones are from ‘Fit Activator’ in the medium and heavy weights (you can use the code ‘CERYS.ALLEN’ and get 10 percent off your puchase on their site and i make a little bit of money too).

My short band is from ‘B_nd’ their products although they are good they are rarely in stock so you have to be on their website everyday and always be checking their socials for restocks to try and get anything.

Yoga mat

This is a complete essential for me because theres nothing worse than trying to do a plank, mountain climbers or yoga on a hard floor and having your feet just constantly sliding away from you. Not only does it help me feel more stable in my exercise, every time I step onto my mat im in workout mode i become ‘in the zone’ is how i would describe it. These can be expensive but if you search enough you can find some good deals on amazon.

My mat is from ‘Starwood sports’ I have always hated foam mats where all the pieces constantly come off and they just fall apart after a while. I also hate the mat is all textured. This mat is made of TPE and is 6mm thick so you can’t really feel whats under the mat (grass, concrete ect).

Gymshark Clothing

I am so unbelievably obsessed with Gymshark clothing. In my opinion it totally lives up to and exceeds every expectations. If I could only wear one brand of clothing every day for the rest of my life it would be Gymshark. Their leggings are stretchy, comfortable, squat proof and not to mention they make your bum look super peachy and nice to squeeze!

My favourites right now are all of the seamless sets. The leggings in the picture are part of the ‘Camo’ Collection in black. The bra is part of the ‘Flex’ range in black

2 litre water bottle

As intimidating as this thing looks in size, it’s a total lifesaver. If you are like me and are awful and trying to keep track of how much you drink every day this thing is just what you need. Just fill it up once first thing in the morning and you are all set for the day. The ‘daily reccomended’ intake of water is approximately 2 liters. I know people will be thinking that its not correct but since ive been on top of it im more proactive, i dont get as many headaches and i generally feel more awake throughout the day. I do recommend tipping the water from this into a seperate glass especially if you are as clumsy as I am because its quite heavy first thing in the morning when your not fully awake and trust me you end up drenched in water. (it’s one way to wake up i guess).

I think mine was bought for me from somewhere but you can easily get them on amazon super cheap!

Apple Watch

So everything on this list has been pretty cheap so far. However, as pricey as it is, this thing has motivated me every single day to work out! Completing all 3 rings feels so rewarding and like i have ahceived something that day. If you are a runner and you buy the Nike series 5 it comes includes with the Nike run app (i’m not the runner type but im hoping one day i will get into it. It’s an awesome freature as you can track your miles and you can listen to guided runs to help you get through each one. The watch gives you all the technical stuff in an instant and it can connect straight up to your iPhone and airpodsso you have everything you need in a aworkout right in front of you.

Mine is the Nike series 5 all in black as I don’t want it to get dirty. Its got an exclusive strap and different faces that are nike design.

Now of course im not telling you that you need to go out and spend all your money on something I like because I said I do but its just some recommendations that I have. Feel free to message me or comment below with any questions or if you need a recommendation for any particular product. I hope you have a fab week!

Stay strong

Cerys XOX

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