10 Instagram profiles you should be following

Instagram and social media is such a massive part of our lives now! Everything seems to revolve around it and it’s an incredible way to connect with people we wouldn’t usually. Whether what brings you together and connects you is your cultural differences or your similarities in your interests it’s an incredible space for us to all share. I want to share some positivity to all of your feeds so here are some of my favourite profiles that I think you should be scrolling through right now.

The Female Lead

Ahh, gender equality. It really shouldn’t be but it is still an issue to this day. This page is for anyone who believes in the equality of the sexes. I wish that every little girl could scroll through this page so they can see exactly what they are capable of doing with their lives and the incredible community that has been built around females. They will introduce you to some of the most inspiring women to ever live and make you want to make a difference in the world.


Just a page highlighting the honest truth on how messed up the world can be sometimes and how we NEED to make a change to what is happening right now in front of us. They are also raising money to help support the #BLM movement.

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Speaks for itself. via @jojo_green7

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Why don’t we discuss

This page works on highlighting taboo topics some of which I didn’t even know existed! Some people dislike talking about these kinds of subjects usually because they are either under-informed or find it to be a “touchy subject”. This page is a full-on reality check, they bring up topics that really do need more attention because they are important.

Educate yourself!

Good news movement

If you want to add some positivity to your feed and if you want something to smile about then this page is for you. Sharing some of the most wonderful positive stories and posts from around the world. With all the negativity that exists, I think everyone can do with a little bit of good news in their lives.

Aidan the Wizard

Aidan has one of the most genuine and lovely souls I have ever come across. He Is full of wisdom and wise words and every time I speak to him he has something positive to say and knows exactly how to change my perspective on just about anything into something I can go away with, think about, and come out of it a better person. Behind the scenes, he is incredibly hard-working, alongside the work he puts into his job he is constantly putting work into improving his mindset to help improve his lifestyle and the lives of the people around him. He is a massive inspiration to me and I hope that everyone could just be a little like him so the world could be a better place. Also, HE’S A FRICKING WIZARD! He has an amazing presence while performing so if you ever get an opportunity to see him on stage take it with both hands. If that’s not convincing enough, he’s got some HUGE projects in the works so stay tuned!

Guusje van Geel

This girl right here is my fitness inspiration! Just look at her first of all she looks amazing her aesthetics are incredible! She also posts some really good workouts on her page that you should totally try out! Every time I see this girl pop up on my feed it makes me want to go to the gym and workout till I can’t move the next day (it’s a love-hate feeling really if you know how it feels you know what I mean). But seriously if you need some fitness motivation just take a look at this girl!

You look like a man

This page is trying to battle the comments that women who lift weights receive. I am going to write a post about women in male-dominant sports going into this much further as it is something i’m passionate about. This page just highlights and humiliates the stupidity of some people trying to stereotype women for doing what they love.

Jerry of the day

If you snowboard or ski you’ve probably heard the term “jerry” being thrown around and this page just about sums it up. It is all of the cringe worthey pain moments your heart could desire and every time I see a new video you can’t help but watch. Just don’t try this at home okay.

Doughnut Time

Hungry? well if you weren’t you will be after seeing this page! Some of the yummiest snacks around! if you like aesthetics and satisfying food pages just take a look and try not to drool!

Kuma Samoyed

Who doesn’t like cute puppy pictures and videos?! Well if you don’t then we’re gonna have an issue. But if you love them as much as I do this page is for you! Funny, cute and sweet puppies pictures and videos! Nothing much more to add!

(Someone get me a samoyed please!)

There’s a combination between serious and light-hearted pages here but I hope there’s something for just about everyone on this list!

Stay strong



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