Getting into freestyle and snowboarding competitions!

(Please enjoy these pictures through the years of my competing by the way!) You will never know your full potential until you take that first step so get out on your board as much as possible enjoy it and once you feel ready just take a leap! It’s not about winning it’s about taking partContinue reading “Getting into freestyle and snowboarding competitions!”

Things instructors want to know if you want to learn to snowboard

Looking at taking that first step into the snowboarding world? It’s daunting! What equipment do I need? What clothing should I wear? Where should I go to learn? Will it hurt when a fall? (short answer, probably yes). I’ve come up with a few things to help you come fully prepared for your first lesson!Continue reading “Things instructors want to know if you want to learn to snowboard”

Women in male dominant sports and fitness

Gender equality in sports has always been a controversial topic. Even the founder of the modern day Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, in 1896 said, “No matter how toughened a sportswoman may be, her organism is not cut out to sustain certain shocks.” In America 40% of sports people are women but only 8% of sportsContinue reading “Women in male dominant sports and fitness”

10 Instagram profiles you should be following

Instagram and social media is such a massive part of our lives now! Everything seems to revolve around it and it’s an incredible way to connect with people we wouldn’t usually. Whether what brings you together and connects you is your cultural differences or your similarities in your interests it’s an incredible space for usContinue reading “10 Instagram profiles you should be following”

12 self love quotes you should hear at least once!

How many hours have you spent laying in bed or staring in the mirror thinking to yourself “I will never be good enough” or “I hate myself” or “I wish i was different”. Self love is never easy its a journey we are all on every single day. You will have your low days whereContinue reading “12 self love quotes you should hear at least once!”

Learning to love myself

Since I came back from Canada so many things have happened, within the last 2/3 months I’ve been trying to learn to love myself and it’s not easy. I’ve been reading various blog posts and things about how to love yourself and have found some information that may be able to help your on yourContinue reading “Learning to love myself”

Things you should definitely invest in for home and travelling workouts

As somebody who’s life pretty much revolves around being fit and active whether its on my snowboard or in the gym. Over the years I have come across a few things that have seriously benefited me for the long run when it comes to working out and staying active. Particularly when im travelling around theContinue reading “Things you should definitely invest in for home and travelling workouts”